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Bio-enhanced FUE Hair Transplant, a revolutionary method

Bio-enhanced FUE Hair Transplant is a revolutionary and advanced hair restoration technique based on many years research of platelets and hair stem cells. This minimally invasive treatment is perfect for everyone (men, women, young & old) who wants to feel confident, beautiful and have a head full of natural hair. Hair Clinic Dubai is the only clinic in Dubai that offers Bio-enhanced FUE procedures for the clients.

What is unique about Bio-enhanced FUE!

Bio-enhanced FUE is a combination of traditional FUE, PRP & extra booster Human Follicles Stem Sells (HFSC’s) that achieve a higher density of hair and speed up the healing process. The research has shown that stem cells are found in the tissues of the grafts that are placed in recipient sites and into donor tissues left behind after harvesting. The beauty of this advanced procedure is that it is using the body’s own regenerative tools, by drawing on the power of stem cells.

Bio-enhanced FUE, How it works?

The application of this procedure is outpatient, minimal invasive, under local anesthetic that is virtually painless and leaves no linear scars.

After the local anesthesia, entire Human Follicular Stem Cells (HFSC’s) are harvested. These follicles are refined and stored in special platelets & bio-life solutions. The separated fat from the Human Follicles Stem Cells (HFSC’s) will be processed to isolate the stem cells. This special preservative stimulates growth in recipient area and promotes the viability of the follicles by providing extra booster nutrition.

During the implantation process these Human Follicle stem Cells (HFSC”s) are infused into recipient and donor sites. It promotes regrowth of hair follicles by encouraging tissue repair in the donor zone and ends with unnoticeable scars.

The survival rate of the transplanted follicles is always critical and crucial in the process of hair transplantation. This sophisticated technique and approach enhances the growth and survival in the recipient area. Our plastic surgeons administer growth factor rich culture into the recipient area prior the implantation of harvested follicles. This technological step accelerates the growth and improves hair transplant results.

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Advantages Of Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant at Hair Clinic Dubai

Bio-Enhanced FUE technique provides a great results due to the following advantages:

  1. Improve results on all stages of FUE hair transplant
  2. Intense denser hair growth
  3. Encourage tissue repair in donor hair for regrowth
  4. More hair follicles are available for transplantation
  5. Accelerates healing process of FUE hair transplant procedure
  6. Promote growth in recipient and donor areas
  7. Improved growth in non-transplanted hair

Why Choose Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant?

The Difference Traditional FUE Bio-Enhanced FUE
Treatment of scars and burn wounds Acceptable Good
Treatment of eyebrows, mustache and beard Acceptable Good
Swelling after treatment Yes Minimal
Scarring in donor area Yes, white dots No
Reusability of donor area Limited Good
Results 70-80% 85-95%
Recovery period 10-12 days 3-5 days
Pain during procedure Yes Mild
Pain after treatment Limited No

Higher patient satisfaction and higher in density results

Since we started treating our patients with the Bio-enhanced FUE hair transplant method, we have observed that our patients are receiving higher density results with a more natural look. They are very satisfied and enjoying the new restored look.

Our clinic is based in Dubai (world Central) & we have treated several international celebrities, royal sheikhs & their families, politicians, international athletes and sports persons. We are excited to greet & welcome more international stars and celebrities in our clinic.


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