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The Art Of Eyebrow Hair Transplant At Hair Clinic Dubai

Eyebrows are the framework of our faces and define our overall looks. The loss of eyebrow hair independent from the reason makes anyone concerned about his/her overall facial look. Eyebrow Hair Transplant can restore beautiful, natural brows and enhance facial look.

An eyebrow hair restoration is a highly artistic procedure. Excessive skill and surgical precision is required to recreate appropriate incisions with intense angle that match the orientation of one’s brows, hair texture, colour and skin tone. The end result must illustrate and enhance individual’s face & eye beauty naturally. Hair Clinic Dubai is highly skilled in delivering natural looking eyebrows, our patients are very satisfied for their results.

What Are The Reasons Of Thinning Or Hair Loss In Eyebrows?

  1. Hereditary
  2. Local disease
  3. Excessive plucking for shaping
  4. Accidental Injury
  5. Surgical treatment or scarring
  6. Radiation or Chemotherapy

Significance of Eyebrow Angle, Orientation, and Shape:

An eyebrow shaped nicely looks appealing, as far as an artificially arched give the impression of being weird. For a surgeon, it is very critical to acquire a meticulous view of the facial make up and the eyebrow to mimic the naturally occurring results. The grafted hairs ought to be angled in a specified direction depending upon the natural shape. These follicles must be placed parallel to skin, along with creating the shape closest to the natural. The density matters a lot, over filled or emaciated will look unnatural. There is flexibility during the procedure; our experts will cross check the suitability of the shape with the facial features.

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant Design and Sculpt

Eyebrow hair transplant is performed using the state of the art Follicular Unit Transplant (FUE) method to enhance natural brows. Artistic vision, a keen aesthetic appreciation for beauty and symmetry are relating and turning edge in order to creating natural looking arch, shape and particular dimensions of the brows.  The primary goal in eyebrow restoration is to sculpt and design a natural appearing shape that appeal to glamour and add beauty to the face by creating optimum balance and proportion to all facial features, giving allusion of perfection.

Unlike tattooing, dying, or other attempts to improve the brow, eyebrow restoration uses modern follicular unit extraction (FUE) to create an amazingly natural look, because it uses your own natural hair. Eyebrow transplant results are effectively unnoticeable with the transplanted hairs blending right in with the current brow. Because of the glamour results and reasonable procedure cost, the demand for brow restoration is increasing fast.

Eyebrow hair transplant is a very creative process in which a brow is separately designed based on your facial type, your features, and the results you personally want. Only an experienced surgeon considers the arch shape, suitable thickness of hair, space between the brows, and brow size.

The Design and Plan Of Eyebrow Hair Transplantation Will be Based On Following Factors
  • One’s facial features
  • Thinning or thickness in existing brow hair
  • Texture and length of existing brow hair
  • space between brows
  • Thickness, texture, colour or curling of donor hair
  • Individual’s personal desires to the end results

Best Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai perform eyebrow transplant procedures with the highest degree of artistic skill and state of the art expertise. We reshape, correct or enhance successfully thinning or loss of eyebrows with permanent and natural look. Eyebrow restoration is a perfect method to replace and reshape the eyebrows that are miss-shaped as a result of over-plucking, genetic causes or scars. Eyebrow restoration is done by using the same technique as hair transplant. A small amount of hair follicles is removed from back of head just above the ear area and are transplanted to the thin eyebrow region. The eyebrow transplant procedure is performed by qualified hair surgeons at Hair Clinic Dubai and takes only 2-3 hours.


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