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Female Hair Transplant

With help of many researches around the world, it has been found that the hair fall is may be due to the hereditary reasons. The genetic inheritance of the individuals sometimes leads to considerable hair loss among many people. Besides these, it has also been pointed out that people who are undergoing with different hair styles and using various cosmetics and shampoos in their hair also exerts a negative effect to the hair. Recently, it has been observed that the world is advancing at a very high pace, and all the people are busy in their stressful lives. In this situations, hair loss is a common phenomenon noticed in many individuals around the world.

How Does Hair Transplant works?

In hair transplant process we shift strong resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to bald or hairless areas on head or body. Hair clinic Dubai offers excellent results by using Bio-enhanced FUE hair transplant. Our plastic surgeon performs this minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia. This treatment is more artistic than medical and demands skillful and expert hands to execute safely.

Steps Of Hair Transplant Procedure

STEP 1: Consultation and Treatment Plan

STEP 2: Blood Tests

STEP 3: Hairline Design and Reconstruction

STEP 4: Local Anesthesia

STEP 5: Harvesting of Grafts from Donor Site

STEP 6: Sites Creation

STEP 7: Implantation of the Grafts into the Sites

STEP 8: Inspection of the Implanted Follicles

STEP 9: Dressing

STEP 10: Instructions and Discharge

12 Facts to Know About Hair Transplant Procedure

  1. Procedure Name:  Bio-enhanced FUE
  2. Anesthesia Type:  Local Anesthesia
  3. Pain during the Procedure: Mild
  4. Pain after the Procedure:  NO
  5. Length of the Procedure:  5 to 10 hours case to case
  6. Medicine Anti-biotic:  5 Days
  7. Recovery Period:  5 Days
  8. Scabs & Crusts: 5 to 7 Days
  9. Swelling: 2//3 Days
  10. Growth Visibility:  4 Months
  11. Good G: 6 Months
  12. Final Results: 10-12 Months
Who needs a hair transplant?

Due to various causes, one can experience hair loss at a very young age usually at the age of above 25. As soon as a person detect the phenomenon of hair loss in their body, they should go into a treatment action. Since the hair follicles becomes strong and will be able to grow hair until the age of 40. But if by any means one delays the process of hair transplant then the chance of getting their hair back will be minimal or negligible. Besides these, one should also keep in mind that if their family is inherited by baldness and that is irrespective of gender then it would be helpful if he or she go for a checkup to a hair transplant expert or specialist.

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Benefits of female hair transplant

Female Hair Transplant Dubai always takes good care of their patients, especially those who have delicate hair. These patients are facilitated with a number of benefits in some of the most obvious ways.

  • Gaining a better appearance: Confronting a hair loss at a very young age always effects the appearance of a persons, especially for women. So if they go for an instant hair transplant they might get back their beauty and elegance as it was before or even far better than it.

  • Permanency: One can experience a permanent solution to their hair growth. This means that if a person or a woman are getting a successful hair transplant they do not have to care for a possible hair loss I the near future.

  • Treating baldness: Baldness if faced during the twenties is quite an embarrassing thing. But if one goes for a hair transplant they can surely treat this baldness effect up to a considerable level.

  • Cost-Saving: Most of the hair transplant procedures are generally cost effective. The process requires a reasonable pricing with the best results in the long process.

  • Cost-Saving: Most of the hair transplant procedures are generally cost effective. The process requires a reasonable pricing with the best results in the long process.

  • Grow hair which is natural: The hairs which are implanted during the hair transplant process are generally the hair of that person which means that he is his own donor. This is because, after sometime when the hair begins to grow back, they are the natural hairs.

  • Better hairline: Sometimes people opt for hair transplant because of getting a better hair line. The processes and techniques which are needed for a hair transplant are generally so efficient that it helps the patients to get a much better hairline and gain an improved appearance.

Why Hair clinic Dubai is best for getting hair transplant?

The majority of individuals are occasionally perplexed when it comes to selecting hair transplant specialists. For them, we at Hair Clinic Dubai, offers an enriching Female Hair Transplant Dubai treatment. Following are the necessary traits of our surgeons:

  • Qualifications: Our surgeons are certified with the top-notch universities or educational boards of the world.
  • Practice makes perfect: Practice makes perfect! The amputation will be exceedingly convenient and perfect for our experienced surgeon.
  • Advising and educating their clients: A surgeon that excels at giving their clients a holistic picture of their surgery while also educating them on the processes and outcomes is always appreciated. We have such surgeons onboard with us.
Preparation for hair transplant procedure

While people are choosing for going in to a hair transplant, they must keep themselves prepared regarding certain things. These may include:

  • Since the hair transplant is generally a kind of surgical process, so an amount of healing and blood clotting time is necessary. On the other hand, smoking and drinking can affect this processes in a pessimistic manner. As a result, our experts suggests that if the female or any other person quit smoking for a couple of days before the treatment then that would be beneficial in the long run.
  • Massaging the scalp of the hair will improve the blood flowing and will soften the skin. It will help the surgeon complete the procedure more efficiently and giving their clients or patients with the best results.
  • Blood test and ECG tests are very essential while one is opting for a hair transplant process. The report will guide the surgeon to take necessary steps regarding the operation.
  • Sometimes people suffering from depressions are also susceptible to hair loss. To avoid depressions they take in certain medicines to treat it. On the other hand, these medicines are proved to be harmful following a hair transplant process. So it is recommended that quitting these medicals for a few days before the treatment would be helpful.
Procedure followed for hair transplant

Bio enhanced FUE hair transplant procedure is one of the most notable and popular process used by us. The process is same as the FUE treatment but it varies on certain modifications which has proved to be more effective and helpful in treating frequent hair falls.

  • The hair growth due to the bio enhanced process do possess and better texture and a better density.
  • Unlike the FUT process, bio enhanced technique do not deals with scars and thus accelerating the healing process to a considerable level.
  • It also accelerates the hair growing process and will see results within a very short time.
  • Most importantly, the process is completely cost efficient unlike other expensive FUT processes.

Recovery process 

The recovery process of hair growth generally have three to four phases:

  • Phase I: It is 2 to 3 days after the treatment where part one have undergone into the surgery will experience a minimal pain
  • Phase II: After 3 to 4 the transplanted hair will fall which is not at all a worrying case.
  • Phase III: The transplanted will keep falling for the next 4 to 6 months.
  • Phase IV: The hair follicles will start begin to grow dense hair with immense strength and will give a better appearance.

Frequently asked questions

The bio enhanced FUE hair transplant process is free from any kind of complications and certain side effects.

It is up to the patients’ choice but experts recommended that there is no need to maintain the hair after the transplant.

Certainly, but people might need to go through certain tests like ECG and other.

Are you thinking of hiking or paragliding, one select any activities they prefer doing after a hair transplant treatment.


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