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The Art Of FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Clinic Dubai offers the most advanced and less invasive FUE hair transplant. We have a very successful track record and achieved highest satisfaction by delivering excellent results.

We believe that the procedure of FUE Hair Transplant is a combination of art and medical together. Our state of the art specialized FUE procedures are less-invasive and comparatively scar-less. We are dedicated in quality treatments rather quantity.

Why Hair Transplant?

People in today’s environment are frequently preoccupied with their daily tasks. Due to stress and anxiety, many people encounter many mental and physical difficulties. Hair loss is sometimes mentioned as one of the side effects of depression. Aside from that, studies have discovered that the physical features of the environment, such as increased pollution levels, have an impact on hair loss.

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Who needs a hair transplant?

Not all are considered the right candidates for undertaking the hair transplant procedure. People who are looking for a better hairline and want to have an attractive outlook can select the hair transplant process. But sometimes, many researchers have recommended that the hair transplant process is essential for some specific purposes. These may be:

  • Individuals, irrespective of men and women, who are experiencing acute cases of hair baldness are the most eligible for treatment.
  • People who are suffering from hair loss can also go for treatment.
  • People who are thinking of enhancing their outlook can also prefer hair transplant procedures.
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Benefits of hair transplant

There are several benefits that one can enjoy from hair transplant Dubai done by our clinic.

  • Cures baldness: When people are going through the situation of baldness, they can surely go for a hair transplant procedure. Since the techniques used in the hair transplanting process have a long-term effect on hairs, they can surely cure the conditions of baldness in the head for good.
  • Gives a good hairline: Hair transplants help in assisting a patient by giving him a good-looking natural hairline. These hairlines are way much better than any kind of other hair growth procedure.
  • Deals with appearance: Hair controls the appearance of a man and a woman at a considerable level. Effective hair transplant procedures will help the patients to have a better looking and increases their self-esteem.
  • No need to worry about the hair: Since the hair transplant procedures done by us have a long-lasting effect on the patients. So if you are thinking about maintenance of their hair, they don’t worry much about this.
  • Cost-saving: Unlike any other surgical process, hair transplanting lies on the opposite when the cost parameter is considered. At our clinic, we charge an economical price for conducting hair transplant procedure..

Why Hair clinic Dubai is best for getting a hair transplant?

People choose hair transplant Dubai for a number of reasons.

  • Operation: One must first undergo surgery that is performed by trained professionals or surgeons, making it ideal for people to pick.
  • Affordable price: The majority of hair transplant clinics charge very fair prices, but not us. We charge what is optimal.

Qualified and experienced doctors: It is important to mention that the surgeons involved in the operation are well qualified and have a valid experience of more than ten years.

Frequently asked questions

Blood test helps to detect any kind of disease in the world. Besides these, the blood pressure and the blood clotting time are also determined through blood tests since a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, so it would be better to go for a blood test.

Since the surgeons generally prefer local anesthesia for the treatment, the chance of experiencing any pain is negligible.

Sometimes, hair growth takes more time for some individuals. It is because the body setup and health vary between individuals. So it will be better to have the patience, or if feel necessary, one can go for a checkup.

A hair transplant procedure requires quite a long time for prospective hair growth. But for this procedure, the hair growth may get catalyzed, and one could experience results in a shorter period of time compared to other treatment processes.


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Renowned British Hair Restoration Surgeon


Dr. Imran Tahir

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Hair Restoration Surgeon


Mr. Adil Chowdry

General Manager & Hair Transplant Director



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