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Male Hair Transplant Dubai

Hair loss has been linked to hereditary factors, according to numerous studies conducted around the world. Individual genetic inheritance can cause significant hair loss in a large number of people. Aside from these factors, it has also been noted that persons who experiment with numerous hairstyles and use various cosmetics and shampoos on their hair have a detrimental impact on their hair. It has recently been observed that the world is moving at a breakneck speed and that everyone is preoccupied with their demanding life. Hair loss is a typical occurrence in many people all over the world in these settings.

How Does Hair Transplant works?

In hair transplant process we shift strong resistant hair follicles from the back of the head to bald or hairless areas on head or body. Hair clinic Dubai offers excellent results by using Bio-enhanced FUE hair transplant. Our plastic surgeon performs this minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia. This treatment is more artistic than medical and demands skillful and expert hands to execute safely.

Steps Of Hair Transplant Procedure

STEP 1: Consultation and Treatment Plan

STEP 2: Blood Tests

STEP 3: Hairline Design and Reconstruction

STEP 4: Local Anesthesia

STEP 5: Harvesting of Grafts from Donor Site

STEP 6: Sites Creation

STEP 7: Implantation of the Grafts into the Sites

STEP 8: Inspection of the Implanted Follicles

STEP 9: Dressing

STEP 10: Instructions and Discharge

12 Facts to Know About Hair Transplant Procedure

  1. Procedure Name:  Bio-enhanced FUE
  2. Anesthesia Type:  Local Anesthesia
  3. Pain during the Procedure: Mild
  4. Pain after the Procedure:  NO
  5. Length of the Procedure:  5 to 10 hours case to case
  6. Medicine Anti-biotic:  5 Days
  7. Recovery Period:  5 Days
  8. Scabs & Crusts: 5 to 7 Days
  9. Swelling: 2//3 Days
  10. Growth Visibility:  4 Months
  11. Good G: 6 Months
  12. Final Results: 10-12 Months

Who needs a hair transplant?

Hair falls are most common in men than women. Several statistics carried on in around the world, have proved that a considerable percentage of men suffer from hair loss until the age of 30. During the 40s many men suffer from situations of acute baldness. Doctors and specialists have pointed out certain reasons behind this phenomenon.

  • Genetic disorder: Sometimes due to genetic problems and natural inheritance from the family, most men face hair fall at a very young age. Although, this can be treated by taking simple ways of treatment and hair transplant procedures.
  • Depressions and anxiety: Since the world is continuously advancing, people do not get much time for themselves. The rising value of different products has made the earning members specifically men be confronted with cases of depression and anxiety. This is considered as the pivotal reason for causing hair fall in men.
  • Deficit of hormones: It is known that the male sex hormone testosterone is the sole hormone responsible for hair growth within the body. After the age of 30, most men suffer from deficiency of these hormones which results in hair fall. Therapy and intake of medicines can cure this issue.
  • Other issues: Nutritional deficiencies and many other infections are also responsible for hair fall and baldness.
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Benefits of hair transplant from our Hair Clinic Dubai

The benefits of a hair transplant are:

  • Treats baldness: People who are experiencing baldness might consider undergoing a hair transplant operation. Because the procedures utilized in the hair transplantation process have a long-term effect on hairs, it is certain to permanently cure baldness in the head.

  • Provides a good hairline: Hair transplants benefit a patient by providing a natural-looking hairline. These hairlines are far superior to any other type of hair growth technique.

  • Cost-effective: Unlike any other surgical procedure, hair transplantation is the most cost-effective. So, if one has decided to go ahead with the surgical procedure, he or she can be assured that the procedure will cost a lot of money.

Why Hair clinic Dubai is best for getting hair transplant?

The majority of individuals are occasionally perplexed when it comes to selecting hair transplant specialists. For them, we at Hair Clinic Dubai, offers an enriching Female Hair Transplant Dubai treatment. Following are the necessary traits of our surgeons:

  • Qualifications: Our surgeons are certified with the top-notch universities or educational boards of the world.
  • Practice makes perfect: Practice makes perfect! The amputation will be exceedingly convenient and perfect for our experienced surgeon.
  • Advising and educating their clients: A surgeon that excels at giving their clients a holistic picture of their surgery while also educating them on the processes and outcomes is always appreciated. We have such surgeons onboard with us.

Male hair transplant Dubai has always been the forte of Hair Clinic Dubai. We are the first choice for many people around the world. The facilities we provide to their patients are exclusive to all other hair transplant clinics.

  • Valid credentials: The surgeon who is appointed to do the operation does have valid credentials certified by recognized institutions as well as the government. The credentials of a surgeon resemble the quality and the process they follow while hair transplanting.
  • Experience: The doctors who are assigned to the clinic do have a vivid experience of more than 10 years. With experience and knowledge, they can handle any kind of hair transplant treatment with great ease.
  • Staff: With doctors, clinic staffs are also the ones who take good care of the patients before and after the surgery. The polite behavior and communication skills make a patient feel homely. Their friendly attitude and way of addressing problems always make these clinics a perfect choice for the people.
  • Technology: Since the world is changing and Dubai is itself considered a technological hub, we use technical and innovative procedures to treat hair falls and transplant processes such as Bio-Enhanced FUE Hair Transplant.
  • Success rate: One should not forget the fact that we have a profound success rate, unlike other clinics. With innovative procedures and experienced surgeons, the surgery carried out by us is the synonym for success.

Preparation for a hair transplant procedure

Although the hair transplant treatment is a basic operation, patients must take some care to ensure that the surgery is a total success.

  • If someone wants to achieve the best outcomes, he or she may need to give up smoking and drinking for a few weeks. They will be able to achieve fantastic achievements as a result of this.
  • For at least one to two days before the procedure, avoid consuming any spicy meals.
  • Using a high-quality shampoo to wash your hair can help you achieve exceptional results.
  • Tell your surgeon or physician if you have any recent health issues, such as allergies, disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other comparable conditions.
Procedure followed for hair transplant

The procedure followed for hair transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): The procedure entails extracting hair from a person’s skin and applying it to areas of the body where hair falls often.

  • The hair transplanted will begin to grow in about 3 to 4 months.
  • Once the hair starts to grow, it will cover around 80% of the affected area.
  • The cost of an FUE operation is rather considerable.

One of the most famous and popular procedures done under male Hair Transplant Dubai  by us is bio-enhanced FUE hair transplantation. The procedure is similar to FUE, but there are several differences that have proven to be more effective and useful in managing regular hair loss.

Recovery process

Most people in the world are worried about the recovery process from a hair transplant. For these reasons, doctors have recommended people that there are two to three phases of the recovery process through which one can be able to see successful results at a year-end.

  • During the first two to three months, the transplanted hair will keep on falling from the scalps. This is the main cause for the people to worry. But doctors suggested that even if the hair is falling, the follicles have enough strength to grow hair after some time.
  • After about a year and a half, according to various healing and regrowth powers of the men, dense and strong hair will come out from the follicles and will help them get a better hairline and appearance as it was before.

Frequently asked questions

After a hair transplant surgery, it is essential to have certain healing powers, so if one resumes smoking and drinking just after the surgery then that would prove to be harmful. So it would be better if he or she avoid taking them.

Absolutely not, even if one is willing to, then he or she must consult their respective physician.

It will be beneficial if one avoids doing exercise and other stressful activities after the surgery

Hair transplant procedures followed by male Hair Transplant Dubai always possess a good success rate of about 95% as proposed by many specialists.


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