Hair restoration services have come a long way. From strip techniques to hair plugs, restoration history has changed entirely. Recent advancements in technology can quickly accelerate demand and supply.

The restoration market has also entered the high-tech arena with significant development in artificial intelligence and robotics.

With the power of new AI technology, you can get your natural look back with no linear scarring and take advantage of fast recovery.

Best Hair Restoration Procedure – Hi Tech Technical Solutions

More than 1.2 billion people are experiencing hair loss issues, and most of them are not aware of the proper treatment for their hair loss.

With high-tech restoration services, a person can experience natural results and optimize & personalize the hair treatment.

Hair restoration Dubai offers robotic restoration of hair. With this new high-tech solution, you can customize a new hairline for yourself and will experience no discomfort during the restoration process. With this new technology, you can get fantastic hair results.

The new system can provide unmatched precision and intelligence with compelling results.

What Are The Key Benefits Of The Robotics Restoration Procedure?

The new hair treatment offers some advanced benefits. These benefits are 100% safe and can be used by any person experiencing a hair loss problem. Though the process is a bit costly, in the end, it will give you your pride back. Below are some fantastic benefits of this new technology.

  • Procedure 

Advanced technical features, including AI technology and robotics, can offer excellent results, speed, and precision. In this system, the follicles are removed from the donor area without any scalpel incision, and then they are implanted in the area where more hair is required. Due to this advancement in technology, there is no need to put staples and stitches on the donor area.

  • Accuracy And Precision

The new robotic system uses image-guided automated technology to select optimal donor hair follicles accurately and precisely. Taking the help of an intelligent algorithm, an AI system can determine hair follicles thousands of times per session. The treatment provider can control this as per the requirement of replantation. The device can learn a new pattern for the correct outcome with every procedure.

After scanning the scalp and hair growth pattern, the system selects the harvest area and extracts the donor’s hair in optimum quantity.

  • Efficiency

This new artificial technology records the adjustments and patterns to streamline hair treatment. The system can check the position & orientation of hair with a speed of 60 times/second.

Making the process much more accurate, repeatable, and efficient, the system can extract donor hair at a thousand per hour. However, the donor’s hair is appropriately analyzed before extracting, and only the required quantity is taken off.

  • Results

Doctors can intelligently extract an optimal number of follicles from the donor area with this high-tech technology. This eliminates the risk of overharvesting or linear scarring. After that, the system analyzes the natural growth pattern to implant hair to match the density and angle that matches your natural hair growth. It will keep the natural appearance of the implantation area and donor site.

Features Of High-Tech Hair Loss Solution

Whether hair loss results from stress, baldness, or any other reason, you can experience the essential features of new technology.

  1. Results are clinically proven, so you can trust and get an idea of what to expect from this technology.
  2. This technique will maximize consistency and accuracy, minimizing the stress level of any individual.
  3. This process does not require any discomfort, so you can return to your routine soon.
  4. The precision of the high-tech system offers more accurate and customized results for a natural look.
  5. It provides additional operator controls, which means you are in safe hands.


Losing hair can hit your self-esteem, but a new high-tech hair treatment is a natural way to restore your hair loss. This advanced solution can stop your hair loss and promote new hair growth.

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