Know more about hair transplants in Dubai

In this contemporary world, most of the time, people become busy in their daily work. Due to stress and anxiety, many people face many mental and physical problems. Sometimes, hair falls are said to be one of the effects of these depression conditions. Besides this, researchers have also pointed out that the physical elements of the environment or increased pollution levels also affect hair fall.

Dubai is one of the notable cities in UAE and almost the whole of the world. For many years it has been found that the people of Dubai are more vulnerable to hair loss than in any other city in the world. Experts are of the opinion that the physical conditions and other biological factors are responsible for this considerable hair loss. These are:

  • The arid climate of the region results in lessening of the moisture-retaining capacity of the hair, which dehydrates it and affects hair loss.
  • According to many, it has been opined that the drinking water which is available in Dubai is responsible for hair fall.
  • Besides these, the depreciation of Vitamin D and other nutritional factors may be cited as additional causes.

Why should people go for a hair transplant procedure?

There are various reasons for people to choose hair transplant procedures.

  • Permanency: In most cases, for an average normal person, the effects of hair transplants remain permanent for life.
  • Surgery: One has to initiate a surgery carried out by trained professionals or surgeons, which makes it suitable for the people to choose it.
  • Reasonable price: The prices set forward by most of the hair transplant clinics is quite reasonable.
  • Donor: In blood or in other body parts transplant cases, a donor is generally a second person, while in the case of hair, it is completely different. For hairs, the person going in for the transplant is his own donor.
  • After treatment care: One should need to take special care and abide by the instructions of the experts after a successful hair transplant treatment.

What are the procedures for hair transplants?

Basically, there are two different types of hair transplant procedures found in a hair transplant clinic, namely,

  • FUE: This stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The process involves taking up hair from a person’s skin and placing them on the parts of the body where the hair fall is frequent.
    • The hair transplanted will begin to grow within a very short period of about 3 to 4 months.
    • The hair which begins to grow will cover about 80 percent of the respective area.
    • The cost is quite high for an FUE procedure.
  • FUT: This stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. A regressive surgical procedure where the surgeon cuts a specific area of the body part and takes out the hair follicles from that section and then plants it in the vulnerable area where the hair fall is noticeable.
    • The results take quite a long time, say at least eight months.
    • The cost is comparatively low than the FUE.

Although FUT incurs low costs than FUE, the persistence of potential and harmful side effects is common in the case of FUT. So, it should be better that one should choose the FUE hair transplant procedure for their own betterment.

Which surgeons would be the best for a successful hair transplant?

Most people sometimes get confused about the choice of hair transplant surgeons. For them, below are provided some of the qualities that one should search for while looking for the best:

  • Qualifications: One should be aware of the qualifications of the surgeons, as to which university or educational board the surgeon is being certified with. 
  • Experience: Practice always makes a man perfect! For an experienced surgeon, the amputation is very much handy and will be perfect.
  • Giving advice and educating their clients: A surgeon who is well competed with giving their clients a holistic idea about their surgery and at the same time educating them about the procedures and the results are always welcomed.

As a whole, it can be said that a hair transplant Dubai would be beneficial since one will be able to get all the required facilities. Moreover, a certification for an annual check-up can also be achieved from the best hair transplant Dubai.

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