Why is Hair Transplant Consultation Important?

Every single hair loss case is unique and not all individuals will receive the same result of hair transplant surgery. From thinning hair to receding hairline there are different factors and causes involved for every unique case. If you wish to find out about your hair loss cause or possible treatments for your case, we recommend a personalized consultation at Hair Clinic Dubai.

For a right candidate of the hair transplant procedure, it’s very important for every patient to receive a personalized hair loss evaluation and education on hair transplant procedures. All patients have certain goals and expectations in their minds when they consider restoring their hair. They need to be educated about the procedure and the expected result.

If you are planning a hair transplant surgery in Dubai, we would like to invite you in our prestigious hair transplant centre for a one-on-one private hair loss evaluation and consultation with our Hair Transplant Specialist.

We inform the patients about the possibilities and all the variables according to the following educational and consultation steps.

1: Listening to the Patients’ Goals and Expectations:

Our specialist listens carefully to the expectations of every single patient, talks with you through your goals and makes plans for your treatment options. He explains to you the facts involved and possible achievements. The resulting density depends on the available number of donor follicles and to what extent the hair is thinning from the donor area.

2: Evaluation of Possible Donor Hair Supply:

By checking density in the donor hair, the hair texture of the individual, the skin condition and laxity of his/her scalp, we will explain to the patient the possible number of grafts that can be taken from his/her individual donor region.

3: Size of the Recipient Area:

In most of the cases the harvested follicles are enough to cover the desired area with an acceptable density. If the empty and thinning area is large in comparison to the size of the available donor site, our specialist will give you proper advice to look for an acceptable compromise.

4: Advise on Based of Above Evaluation:

Our expert will explain the plan of the hair transplant surgery by showing before/after pictures of similar cases. The patients can compare their expectations and desires and see if they meet. The patients’ goals and expectations must be realistic. This step is very critical. If the expectations of the patient are realistic or achievable then he is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

It’s our responsibility to educate the patients properly and give them the best treatment plan. We strongly believe, that the work we do today will affect the rest of the life of our patients. Our ultimate goal is to improve their self-esteem and make them happier in their daily life.

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